Xengris is a challenging 3rd person fast-paced single player sci-fi space combat game. Where you will play your way through an engaging campaign based story with a visually captivating and immersive environment. Choose your ship, upgrade your technology and determine your plan of attack for each stage of the game.

"Initus Interactive" and "Xengris"

Initus Interactive : We are a passionate and dedicated game design duo working on bringing you Xengris. As of Jan 1, 2018 we are still in early stages of development.

Our initial target hardware is the XBox One console.

Release Date : Fall 2019


Westfahl - The Orbital Command Center off Deuterra. This is a scene inspection for the game which is being prepared for an actual interactive level as part of the campaign story.

The Start Screen Animation

Some nice introduction animation to help build the story line. The communication adds a small story crumb. The story continues when the game starts.

Smart believable AI

Watch the AI battle itself in a development test arena! realistic maneuvers on approach, evade, hunt and regroup in realistic space dog fights!

Teynov 4 Mission Intro

Quality Character acting brings life to the game. This is where our protagonist Captain Warrick meets Captain Hunter for the first time, gotta get Captain Hunter out of Danger and back home to safety!

Defending the Titans

Improved AI and visuals! Defending against an enemy light fighter squadron!

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